Frontline Digital Automation
Impact Assessment

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    How many new frontline workers do you plan to hire for growth or replacements this year?

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    What are the annual sales or value of the production for your company or location?

    What are you currently using to provide work instruction to your frontline workers?

    The Manufacturing Institute’s surveys Indicate an average of 43 hours of training for new hires, how does your company compare?

    How do you currently collect inspection and other required frontline manufacturing data?

    What best describes your company’s approach to equipment maintenance?

    How would you rate your company’s or location’s safety record?

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    Frontline Digital
    Automation Business Impact

    Digitizing your frontline operations with a mobile solution can deliver significant impact to both the top and bottom line of your business. In addition to streamlining operations, boosting productivity and providing management with instant visibility into all issues and activity, applying Frontline Digital Automation to work instruction, quality, maintenance and safety processes can save money in a variety of areas. Based on your responses the following estimates speak to the potential for savings.

    Faster Onboarding and Lower Cost Training

    Improved training is a common goal for companies and their workers, but it’s challenging to allocate the time and resources. Classroom training is expensive and takes worker time away from their jobs. New approaches using mico-learning - 7-10 minute chunks of training - are showing big improvement in adoption and information retention. According to the Manufacturing Institute, the typical new hire receives 43 hours of training, but Forrester research shows that on the spot micro-learning delivered by solutions like ROO.AI can cut that training time by up to 75%. Your business impact from time and training cost savings for new and existing employees could range from:
    Training Savings Calculation

    Increased Worker Productivity

    ROO.AI’s unique visual interface is designed for frontline workers to make it easier, faster and more intuitive to receive work instructions and collect data. With ROO.AI workers see exactly what to do, when they need to do it. PWC research into frontline worker connectivity has shown productivity improvements up to 40%. Forrester research has documented reduced rework in the range of 50-60%. ROO.AI customers have also documented process time savings of up to 70%. By enabling for frontline workers with ROO.AI for work instruction, inspections and quality management your business could see productivity and quality improvements in the range of:
    Productivity Impacts

    Reduced Downtime

    Developing and consistently executing effective maintenance strategies are critical to maximizing operations productivity. But for over 55% of plant and equipment operators, reactive maintenance “run til it breaks” is the norm according to the US Dept of Energy. And that costs manufacturing up to 8% of revenues annually based on study from Senseye. Consistent preventive maintenance programs can reduce that downtime and adding predictive maintenance capabilities in combination with digital tools for workers can increase uptime by up to 20% according to Deloitte studies. Your business could see positive impact in this range from reduced downtime:
    Reduced Downtime

    Improved Behavioral Safety

    Ensuring a safe workplace is top of mind for any business, but it also makes good business sense. The National Safety Council published studies that showed workplace incidents in manufacturing contributed to an annual loss of $1100 of productivity for every worker. The good news is that micro-learning and on the spot safety instructions like those available with ROO.AI have been shown to reduce safety incidents by as much as 54%. Your business impact from better worker adherence to safety guidelines could return production output in the range of:
    Safety Impact

    Administrative Savings

    While companies have been computerizing and automating their production equipment and processes, the frontline workers that make up 80% of the workforce are still only getting about 5% of corporate IT spend. Paper is still the norm on the frontline, and in addition to inefficiencies, that paper is expensive to use, collect, store and data enter. Gartner research revealed that the typical business spends 3% of revenues on using and managing paper. ROO.AI replaces that paper with a more effective and less expensive way to gather, share and analyze critical frontline operational information. Your administrative savings could range from:
    Administrative Impact