Digital Inspection and Maintenance

Engage Your Workforce
In Driving OEE

Empower your frontline to easily spot issues and respond more quickly, and keep maintenance programs on track.

More Effective Equipment Maintenance and Management

Help your maintenance and reliability team turn planning into action more effectively than paper checklists with an easy, visual mobile solution. ROO.AI delivers closed loop digital maintenance management with planned maintenance schedules, tasks, mobile work orders, parts catalog, asset management and instant visibility into the asset status, issues, services and costs you need to drive improved OEE.

Speed up inspections, improve first-time fix and simplify repairs and scheduled maintenance.
Give your frontline teams on-the-spot mobile access to the full history of issues, inspections and repairs.
Reminders, task assignments and mobile work orders ensure improved reliability and rapid response when there is unexpected downtime.

Make inspections faster, more accurate

With easy, intuitive visuals, single tap progress and prior issues saved until resolved, inspection times drop while accountability and accuracy increases.

Keep your team on track

Simplify worker task creation and assignment to individuals or teams. Enable task collaboration. Get visibility to status and completion.

Respond more quickly and effectively

Identify issues and create work orders with complete information including images and video to ensure rapid responses and first-time fix.

The ROO.AI Solution

Easy, mobile native app

Put everything your workforce needs at their fingertips – online or offline. Visual inspections, issues tracking, work instructions, training and work orders. Tasks, alerts and notifications keep the team on track.

Digital workflows and automations

Make it easy and fast to create and assign complex work tasks by embedding predefined workflows that can guide and assist workers, and enable embedded data collection in the work process.

Planned maintenance and work orders

Get instant visibility to issues and convert them to work orders with a single click, including comments, images and video. Assign by location, team, person, or to 3rd parties with built-in approval of estimates. Easily plan and schedule maintenance using reminders and tasks to improve accountability.

How it Works


and Inspect

Empower your frontline to immediately report issues during operations or inspections. Eliminate pencil whipping with smart inspections that remember prior issues and embedded instructions to ensure procedural adherence.

and Assign

Leverage our easy-to-use task and work order management to quickly and efficiently create any job. Assign to individuals, teams or yourself to keep operations on track. The easy-to-use calendar view lets you see what needs to be done.


ROO.AI’s visual approach cuts inspection time up to 70%. In-app task management keeps work organized and progress visible. Task status and completion can be tracked, letting everyone know what's going on.


Spot an issue or a job that needs doing? Quickly create new digital work orders and tasks for your team. Empower workers to drive action with the ability to capture parts, cost and labor on the spot or automate estimates and approvals for work orders.

Make it Easy to Stay on Plan

mobile access
Intuitive and simple, inspections, tasks and work orders are managed on mobile.
and notifications
Notifications are built into the app, but can also be supplemented by email and text alerts.
first time fix
Get instant access to issues with comments, images and video, and resolve on the spot.
Create and assign work orders and tasks to individuals, teams and roles.
Embed digital workflows with guided work instructions including images, video and voice commands.
Mobile data
and work orders
Mobile access to issues and work order ensures faster response and improves OEE



Designed for zero training, easy use with fully visual workflows, tap and go inputs, voice commands and online or offline operation.

Smart Automation and

Boost skills and productivity with personalized instruction, input-driven workflows and BOTS that actively assist workers while processing and routing data.


Get a fully customized solution tuned to your business without the need for IT. Use your time to run the business, not learn the software.