Easier, Paperless
Quality Inspections

Unique, visual inspections and LPAs cut time and increase compliance and defect detection, while providing instant visibility to deficiencies for quality and production teams.

Eliminate paper with a mobile platform to make quality inspections easier, faster and more intuitive

Connect production and quality teams in driving toward defectless manufacturing processes with easier, faster in-process and pre-shipment inspections and the ability to quickly collaborate on corrective action and verification in real-time. Build a traceable history for every product which is particularly effective in build to order manufacturing. Integrate manually collected data with machine data and process meta-data to deliver actionable insights and to eliminate the hours wasted on finding and transcribing paper forms to meet auditability requirements.

Unique, visual inspections cut time and increase compliance and defect detection, ensuring greater conformity to specifications.
Simplified LPAs help teams reinforce procedural adherence and increase defectless production.
Smart mobile workflows collect critical data and can automate defect scoring to improve accuracy and eliminate score disputing.

Shorten inspection times and drive standards

Intuitive, visual and mobile native, ROO.AI cuts inspection times up to 70%, while increasing compliance and accuracy resulting in faster defect resolution and increased defectless production.

Take immediate corrective action

With instant issue visibility, enable quality and production teams to collaborate more effectively through alerts, tasks and shared issue tracking from defect detection through resolution.

Simplify traceability and auditability

Automatically capture every issue and record of resolution, and all meta data - who, when and how long. Simplify quality and regulatory reporting and build the data to drive continuous improvement.

The ROO.AI Solution

See Everything Clearly: The Power of Visual Inspection

In the world of production inspection, every detail matters. ROO.AI's visual interface is designed to ensure no inspection point is missed.

Beyond Manual Checks: The Efficiency of Automation

Expedite pre-production and in-process Inspections with automated data collection. ROO.AI swiftly identifies defects, giving you instant insights for quicker and more accurate quality checks.

Upskilling Workers: Engage and Empower Your Workforce

ROO.AI isn’t just a tool — it’s a catalyst. With lucid instructions and on-the-spot training, workers evolve. They self-verify, enhancing product quality and boosting production speed. A must-have for visionary quality managers.

How it Works


Create Any
Inspection Workflow

Develop custom inspections that incorporate quality checks, diagnostic questions, data collection, and other product or asset-specific requirements. Provide your team with a guided, visual inspection process.

Capture Data

Leverage text, voice, IoT, scans, visual measurement, images, video, and defined inputs. Quickly and efficiently capture the inspection data you need to improve product and process quality.


Automate alerts to individuals, teams and roles to enable quick corrective actions. Empower workers to request assistance, collaborate with team members, and capture and share knowledge.

Data Enable
Your Operation

Don’t make workers search for information. ROO.AI loads prior data into the workflow in use to save time and ensure accuracy. Automatically capture inspection data, location, elapsed time, personnel data to drive improvement and simplify audits.

Cut The Paper That’s Hurting Your Quality Program

Easy, Visual Mobile
Intuitive visual UI, quick scanning, and mobile-native data capture of images, voice, and video are just a tap away.
Automate Fix
and Verify On Mobile
Empower your team with instant visibility to defects and the immediate ability to perform a fix. Fixes can also be verified right on the spot cutting time and eliminating paper.
and Info On-Demand
Give workers on-the-spot access to embedded instruction, standardized data collection, and prior issue history
Capture Critical
Operational Data
Quickly and efficiently collect specified data, scan or receive readings. Add audio and visuals to feed dashboards and integrations to other systems.
Digital Workflows
Guide operators and inspectors quickly through a visual process of your exact assets and products with smart automation based on actions and, data.
Ensure Compliance
and Auditability
ROO.Ai makes compliance checks faster and easier while ensuring simplified auditability with complete traceability for OSHA, HACCP, GMP, DOT, ISO or any other required documentation.


Frontline Optimized Experience

Frontline optimized,’s visual workflows, tap-and-go inputs, voice commands and online/offline operation requires zero training.

Powerful Assisted Automation

Powered by cutting-edge automation and BOTS, simplifies inspections with guided instruction, input-driven workflows, and embedded micro-training.

Customized to YOU

Powered by cutting-edge automation and BOTS, simplifies inspections with guided instruction, input-driven workflows, and embedded micro-training.



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