When Training and Work Become One

With businesses facing increasing skills shortages in a tight labor market, the need for effective training and development programs for workers has never been more critical. Traditional approaches such as paper-based training binders or computerized Learning Management Systems (LMS) have been the backbone of corporate training initiatives to date. However, ...Read More

Improving Training and Safety for Frontline Workers in Oil Field Services

Two heavy industry engineers using digital tablet checking in pipe manufacturing Factory, Construction of Oil, Gas and Fuels Transport Pipeline. With the exposure to a wide variety of equipment and the dynamic, complex nature of oil field services operations, companies in the oil and gas industry have historically faced challenges in ensuring the well-being and competence of their frontline workforce. Frontline operator positions in the oil and gas industry are ...Read More

Innovator in Flowback and Sand Management Innovates the Frontline

EnerCorp is a leading provider of engineered solutions for the oil and gas industry. Known for its innovations in eFlowback and Sand Management equipment, EnerCorp infuses innovation into every aspect of the company, driving to deliver better, faster, more effective approaches in technology, safety, operations and customer service. Modernizing Pre ...Read More

Digital Logistics Gains Momentum

Mechanic repairing forklift in warehouse Transportation and logistics providers continue to face challenges with labor and skills shortages and managing costs. A recent study published by McKinsey that surveyed 250 logistics leaders in transportation and warehousing found that the companies were not only turning to digital technologies to address these challenges but were increasing investments ...Read More

Connected Workers: What’s the Point?

Connected workers As manufacturing companies strive for increased productivity and efficiency, their frontline workers are becoming challenged by the need to learn new technologies, equipment, and work processes. The constant pressure to adapt to new ways of working is further complicated by the fact that experienced workers are retiring and attracting new ...Read More