Innovator in Flowback and Sand Management Innovates the Frontline

EnerCorp is a leading provider of engineered solutions for the oil and gas industry.

Known for its innovations in eFlowback and Sand Management equipment, EnerCorp infuses innovation into every aspect of the company, driving to deliver better, faster, more effective approaches in technology, safety, operations and customer service.

Modernizing Pre and Post Job Inspections

With competition and costs increasing, the company was looking for modernization opportunities. EnerCorp’s innovative equipment was in high demand, and enabling accurate visibility to equipment inventory was a key to maximizing revenue opportunities across operating locations. Fast and efficient equipment turn-round was also a pivotal factor in meeting customer demand and increasing EnerCorp’s return on capital. Ensuring maintenance crews were able to consistently identify and document the condition of equipment post job was critical to EnerCorp’s ability to chargeback needed repairs to customers which would improve operating margins.

Looking for a frontline-optimized solution

EnerCorp’s team had already leveraged computerized solutions for the management of the equipment used to deliver services to their customers, but the team led by Aaron Kelver, US Asset Manager, was always on the lookout for opportunities to innovate. Aaron wanted to streamline the processes of pre and post job inspections which at the time was done with a system that was more appropriate for office workers. Rather than force frontline workers or supervisors to document the inspection in an office, after the fact, Aaron wanted to use mobile devices to digitalize the process and capture data and images on the spot. The goal was to make the system more efficient and frontline-friendly while building in standardization and training which the old system did not provide.

Live inside 90 days

EnerCorp set an ambitious target of replacing the existing software within 90 days. The team partnered with ROO.AI to model the equipment management system, the inspections, and the repair workflows for their high-volume Sahara Sand Separators. With a working framework, the project was expanded to the rest of the EnerCorp equipment inventory. Using ROO.AI’s agile implementation approach and the platform’s ability to make quick changes immediately available, Aaron’s team delivered a frontline-optimized solution across their eFlowback and Sand Separator product lines within 90 days.

  • Mobile Pre and Post Job Inspections with embedded micro-training that reinforced standard operating procedures
  • A cloud-based equipment management system that aggregated detailed information, documents, images, and recertification renewals while dynamically attaching every inspection for each unique asset
  • Equipment transfers workflows and asset inventory reporting by status and location with data downloading to CSV for additional analysis
  • Automatic generation of customer-ready documents with details and images from inspections and the automated collection and calculation of repair costs and labor hours

Gathering the data to better drive the business

With ROO.AI, EnerCorp’s frontline staff can use their mobile devices as they conduct inspections and repairs to document issues and verify equipment conditions. The standardized process is enforced through the ROO.AI app while data collection and report generation is automated to improve efficiency and accuracy. Equipment status and location are now immediately visible. With ROO.AI in place, Aaron is seeing more opportunities to use the data to identify preventable issues and understand the real costs of maintenance and repairs to help reduce equipment downtime, lower maintenance expenses, and improve return on capital.